House Clearance Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Why is there a charge to collect my items?
    A. This is specialist service that comes with all the costs associated with running a charity / business such as fuel, rent, vehicle maintenance and wage costs. Having been funded in the early years, we were able to offer a free collection service. It was though highly apparent to us that in over 90% of cases the cost of collection would outweigh the return Homemakers would receive for the item by the time it was sold. A lot of the time items are either unfashionable or in a poor state of repair. We collect many soiled mattresses, broken chairs, scratched tables and sofas used by pets. We try to keep the charge to a minimum as we are grateful for those items that actually support Homemakers.
  • Q. Do you dismantle items
    A. It is not our policy to dismantle items where physically, economically and practically possible.
  • Q. Do my items need to be roadside?

    A. No – We are happy to collect from inside the property as this gives us a greater chance of reuse. If you are able to get the items as close to the door as possible this speeds up the process. However, we realize that many people are not fit enough to do so and therefore we are happy to carry items from their location.

  • Q. Do you disconnect electrical items such as washing machines, cookers and dishwashers?
    A. No we are not electrically qualified or insured to disconnect cookers. With regards washing machines in the past water pipes have broken and caused leaks and therefore we will not carry out this task.
  • Q. Where does the money for the items sold and money from the collection of my goods go?

    A. All the money from collections and sales is used to cover the running costs of providing the service. We are 95% self-funding with the help of county councils, community councils, housing associations and other small grants from charitable trusts that enable us to provide this service to the public.

  • Q. Can you guarantee to take my items away?

    A. Yes unlike other charities we do not refuse to take away any items that have been booked for collection. Homemakers' volunteers and staff inspect all items once in their possession and decide if they are re-usable / recyclable or unusable. All items for re-use are sold at affordable costs to the public and all items unfit for re-use are either recycled or disposed of correctly.

  • Q. Why is Homemakers a charity?

    A. Homemakers are an educational charity offering a wide range of benefits to the community and its inhabitants. Homemakers are a "not for profit" organization and therefore its aim is not a monetary one although revenue and income allow the service to be maintained. Homemakers' works with people from many disadvantaged backgrounds and also provides educational support to schools and community groups to help promote reducing, recycling and re-using waste. Homemakers also aim to reduce the level of waste entering landfill within the county of Monmouthshire.

  • Q. When do you collect in my area?

    A. We try to be as flexible as possible but with a great demand for this service we hope you can be flexible to our needs in the same way as we are to yours. Homemaker’s collection days are as follows: - Monday – Abergavenny / Usk, Tuesday – Caldicot, Wednesday – Chepstow, Thursday – Monmouth Friday Usk / Abergavenny.

  • Q. Can I swap you my items in exchange for Homemakers item?
    A. No, this is not our policy as this is not practical and feasible.
  • Q. If I purchase items can I have them delivered?

    A. Yes, we do deliver, although there is a charge. Please ensure items fit into your home before purchasing however. We can only guarantee delivery to ground level, it is at the discretion of the delivery / sales team if delivery is beyond this point can be catered for.

  • Q. What happens if you deliver my items and they don’t fit?

    A. Please ensure you measure the items you are purchasing and the space they need to pass through such as doors, stairs and hallways before purchase. Once the item is delivered to your door we do not take responsibility for it. We do not offer refunds for items that do not fit in your home.

  • Q. What happens if I am not in when you collect or deliver?

    A. If you are not going to be in at the time agreed initially you need to contact Homemakers at the earliest available time to reschedule. If we do incur a wasted journey, as you were not in at the agreed time then a second delivery charge will be made. With regards to collections, if you are not going to be in at the agreed time then please contact us to let us know and we will reschedule your collection. If you have a change of plan you can always leave the items outside and pay us over the phone or ask a neighbour to assist with your collection.

  • Q. Do I get a discount as I am on benefits?

    A. No we do not operate a “benefit discount system”. But we will try to match your buying needs with your budget.

  • Q. Can I drop off items to Homemakers?

    A. Yes – Please see Drop Off page.

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